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How does an Illinois court determine child custody?

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As of January 1st of 2016, we no longer have what we call a child custody any longer in the state of Illinois.

What was formally known as custody is now done and called allocation of parental responsibilities. Included with that is the allocation of parenting time. In the old days we use to call it a custody dispute or who is going to have custody over the children, there’s no longer called that.

However, there will be a primary residential custodian of the children who will provide most of the day to day caring needs of the children. However, the decision making process has been divided up in Illinois now as a process of allocating parental responsibilities that both parents would normally share in making decisions of major life events for a child. Those could include such things as religious upbringing, extracurricular activities, schooling. Those types of major life events that would need to be discussed between two parents pertaining to the best interest of the children.

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