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A stop sign that reads age discrimination

EEOC Settles Age Discrimination Lawsuit against City Colleges of Chicago

By Pluymert, MacDonald, Hargrove & Lee, LTD. |

After filing a lawsuit against the City Colleges of Chicago for a claim of age discrimination, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has agreed to settle its suit for $60,000. The suit was based on a hiring decision made in Chicago’s Harold Washington College. Nancy Sullivan, then 66 years old, had worked in… Read More »

Gavel and sign that reads Employment Law

New Bill Would Ban Inquiries into Salary History by Illinois Employers

By Pluymert, MacDonald, Hargrove & Lee, LTD. |

The Illinois state legislature has recently passed a bill that would prevent employers in Illinois from inquiring about a job applicant’s salary history. The bill is now awaiting Gov. Bruce Rauner’s signature in order to become law. Under the new amendments to the Illinois Equal Pay Act, employers cannot inquire about an applicant’s wage… Read More »

Divorced couple talking

Updating Your Estate Plan after a Divorce

By Pluymert, MacDonald, Hargrove & Lee, LTD. |

There are countless ways that your life may change after a divorce. Aside from no longer being married, you’ll likely need to move to a new home and may be spending a substantial part of each week or month away from your children. Along with each of these changes comes a legal component that… Read More »

Sign Real Estate

What to Know when You’re Investing in Real Estate for the First Time

By Pluymert, MacDonald, Hargrove & Lee, LTD. |

Perhaps you’ve always had the goal in mind of investing in property, or you’ve been met with an opportunity to invest. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s important to go into a purchase of an investment property armed with as much information as possible. Below, learn some important considerations before purchasing an investment property, and… Read More »

Law- employment book and gavel

New Laws Affecting Employers and Employees in Effect in 2017

By Pluymert, MacDonald, Hargrove & Lee, LTD. |

In January of 2017, several laws entered into effect in Illinois that make substantial changes to the laws governing employment in the state. Read on to learn about some of the most significant changes to Illinois employment laws, and make sure your workplace policies, employee handbooks, manuals, and labor law posters are up to… Read More »

Trustee form

Choosing the Right Trustee

By Pluymert, MacDonald, Hargrove & Lee, LTD. |

Trusts are an excellent estate planning and financial management tool. They can be a great way to make your money go further, providing additional resources to support the people and causes most important to you while reducing your tax burden. Part of selecting the right form of trust for you is to choose the… Read More »

Man holding a house

Why Do I Need an Attorney at My Illinois Commercial Real Estate Closing?

By Pluymert, MacDonald, Hargrove & Lee, LTD. |

If you’re planning to invest in commercial real estate, either for your business or as an investment, you know the significant capital that is required and the potential risks that you may be undertaking. While commercial real estate investments are often reliable and can be low-risk, it is important that you approach these investments… Read More »

Ipad reads Overtime .jpg.crdownload

Stay in Change to Overtime Regulation Leaves Employers Confused

By Pluymert, MacDonald, Hargrove & Lee, LTD. |

As many Illinois employers and employees have heard in the media, earlier this year the U.S. Department of Labor revised its regulations that increased the base amount an employee must earn each week to be classified as an exempt employee. The revised overtime regulations were slated to become effective on December 1, 2016. However,… Read More »


Cook County Workers Have Right to Sick Leave Expanded

By Pluymert, MacDonald, Hargrove & Lee, LTD. |

Lawmakers in Chicago, Cook County, and the state of Illinois have passed several laws and ordinances which will affect employees’ rights to sick leave across the state. Be sure you’re prepared for these changes to the law in the new year, and speak to an employment attorney today about getting your sick leave policies… Read More »


Illinois Updates Child Support Calculations

By Pluymert, MacDonald, Hargrove & Lee, LTD. |

Over the summer, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signed into law a number of important updates to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act. Most notably, the updates will alter the way that child support is calculated, shifting toward the increasingly-popular “income shares” model used by 39 other states. The law will enter into… Read More »

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