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What is a collaborative divorce?

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A collaborate divorce, or a collaborative divorce is a divorce process in which both parties have decided that they do not want to litigate in court, their divorce proceedings.

A collaborative divorce is done when the parties retain each their own attorney who is a collaborative divorce attorney. In doing that, the parties sign an agreement that they will use separate collaborative attorneys to work with the parties to come up with reasonable solutions to actually conclude the divorce process.

The collaborative divorce process has its advantages and its disadvantages. A certain advantage of the collaborative process is that it’s not litigious type of process. It’s a process in which the parties are looking to come to an amicable agreement concerning their property and if they have children, their children. They can be done quite quickly.

However, a problem with the collaborative process is that if the collaborative process breaks down, the attorneys have signed an agreements in which they cannot represent their clients in litigation. Therefore, the parties would then be forced to get new attorneys to start a litigation process.

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