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What are some of the costs that are associated with a divorce?

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Some of the costs that may be associated with the divorce are first and foremost, the retainer fee that you’re going to be paying your attorney.

The retainer fees are set by the attorney based on the complexity of the case. A retainer fee for a simple divorce would be much lower than a retainer fee that would need to be paid, for say a divorce where there’s going to be a dispute over the custody of the children, or there’s going to be say a division of complex financial assets where a business evaluation would need to be done.

Also the cost for a private process server and the cost for actually filing the petition for dissolution of marriage with the court would also need to be paid.

Other additional costs for a divorce, especially if we’re looking at a case in which the custody of children would be in dispute are the guardian ad litem fees. Those are fees for an attorney that would represent the best interest of your children.

In addition to that, any psychological evaluations that may need to be done to determine who is best suited to have the care custody and control of the children, and those expenses could be quite high.

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