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Is child support modifiable?

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Child support is always modifiable. It’s based upon the income of the person paying the child support. If you enter a child support or at the end of a divorce and the individual paying the child supports net income is x, if that figure, if he starts making more money or she starts making more money later on, the party receives the child support can go in and modify it so that they’re receiving more child support. If that income goes down, then the individual who is paying the child support can go in and get that figure modified down.

Maintenance is also modifiable to the extent that the agreement you entered into allows for it to be modified. There’s always certain conditions that the parties, if they are agreeing to maintenance, place into the agreement when maintenance is going to no longer be available. Is it going to be reviewable after a certain number of years or is it not going to be reviewable after a certain number of years, and whether or not it is modifiable, that largely depends upon either the agreement to the parties or the order that the court enters if you happen to go to trial. But generally speaking, it is modifiable.

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