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Des Plaines and Hoffman Estates Law Firm Frequently Asked Questions Video

How long can I expect my divorce to take?

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Well, it’s always a question that I get, “How long is this going to take me?” A lot of it depends upon, what are the issues? How contentious is it going to be.

I’ve had people come to me before and they say, ” Well you know I spoke to my husband about this and we’ve agreed about everything and it’s going to be quick.” Then you realize, it’s not going to be quick. There are issues that need to be resolved.

I always tell my clients that if everybody’s agreed as to everything, literally everything, maybe a few months. Chances are it’s probably going to take longer than a year on average. But a lot of its going to depend upon the issues that come to light. How much we fight. How much they fight.

Obviously the best way to handle a divorce is get it done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Simply because spending more money and taking more time on a process that isn’t enjoyable is the best way to do it.

That’s probably a long answer to a short question. It varies. But on average it’s probably going to take you at least a year and it may take you longer, depending upon what the issues are. I’ve had cases take two years and more.

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