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Des Plaines and Hoffman Estates Law Firm Frequently Asked Questions Video

How is child support calculated?

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Child support is pretty simple. It’s strictly a percentage of net income based upon how many kids. One kid twenty percent. Two kids twenty eight percent. Three kids thirty two percent. And on up the list. It’s all based upon statute. There’s no real way to finagle the system so to speak. You sit down, you figure out what the net income is of the parent who is to be paying child support. You figure out how many kids you have and multiply it by the appropriate percentage. Here is your child support.

Now to determine child support, it’s sometimes a little more complicated because you got to get to what your net income is. Net income for purposes of child support is not the same thing as net income for the purposes of your taxes. Your taxes are going to come out. Obviously you got your gross income. You’re going to take your taxes out, but you’re also going to take out things like health insurance, union dues. Things like that, that reduces your net income. Whereas on your tax form maybe it doesn’t because those things don’t come out necessarily.

So, it’s simple. It’s in the statute. Just follow the rules, and that’s how it’s figured out.

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