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Des Plaines and Hoffman Estates Law Firm Frequently Asked Questions Video

How does the divorce process start in Illinois?

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To begin a divorce process, what one needs to do is file what we call a petition for dissolution of marriage. What that does is that actually gets the case before the court and allows for a case to go forward with the court.

In addition to filing a petition for dissolution of marriage what would then happen is that petition for dissolution of marriage would be filed not only with the court, but papers would be given to the sheriff or private process server.

At that point and time, that process server will serve the husband or the spouse who’s being sued for divorce the actual copy of the papers.

At that point and time, when the husband or the wife is served with the petition for dissolution of marriage, a thirty day clock starts at which time they would need to file what we call an appearance to give the court jurisdiction to hear the case.

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