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Des Plaines and Hoffman Estates Law Firm Frequently Asked Questions Video

How can I avoid probate?

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How can you avoid probate? That’s again, a question I get asked a lot. I think it’s important to first figure out what the goals of your family are. The key thing it’s not just creating a document. Often times people come into my office with a trust and we find that, that trust is going to go through probate. Why? Because the client hasn’t funded that trust properly. In fact, probably a super majority of our current probate cases are client’s with trusts, but they have not funded it properly.

It’s not just the document that will avoid probate. It’s retaking a comprehensive look of where all your assets are, making sure beneficiary designations are set properly. Making sure that trust is funded properly. Making sure all your assets are organized and pointed at a direction where the family can receive those assets in an effective and easy manner during a very difficult time.

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