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Des Plaines and Hoffman Estates Law Firm Frequently Asked Questions Video

Can we use one lawyer for our divorce?

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What clients always need to understand is the one lawyer doesn’t work for the two of you. The one lawyer isn’t ethically allowed to represent the two of you.

Now you have attorneys that act as mediators at times and they help you resolve differences, but typically, they’re not drafting up paperwork necessarily. Or if they do, they tell the parties to go to lawyers and have it reviewed because that one attorney cannot represent both parties.

Even if you have a husband and a wife who are in agreement on everything, and they go to a lawyer, what that lawyer should tell them is, “I can’t represent both of you.” Quite frankly if both of you are going to one lawyer, at that point he or she probably can’t represent either of you.

It’s good to, each of you, get your own attorney. Their representing your best interest. It doesn’t necessarily mean things are going to get harder or more contentious or take longer, but that way if you each have your own attorney, their going to look out for you and hopefully resolve the issue.

Long story short, I would not recommend two people going to one lawyer because it doesn’t work real well and it creates problems for the attorney.

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