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Illinois Divorce Lawyers

Guidance and Assistance through the Illinois Divorce Process

Obtaining a divorce in Illinois requires following appropriate procedures and proving the grounds for dissolution to the satisfaction of the judge. Even more importantly, issues such as the division of property and parental responsibility must all be worked out beforehand between the spouses, or else the matters must be litigated and decided in court. The orders issued by the court in its decree will affect the parties immediately and continue to impact their lives and the lives of their children for many years to come. It is therefore vital to retain a qualified and experienced Illinois family law attorney to make sure your interests are reflected in the divorce decree and accompanying court orders and judgments. The attorneys at Pluymert, MacDonald, Hargrove & Lee offer guidance and assistance throughout the entire Illinois divorce process, providing skilled and knowledgeable representation in every contested matter.

Illinois Divorce Law and Procedure

The divorce process in Illinois begins with filing a petition for dissolution of marriage. At least one of the spouses must have been a resident of Illinois for 90 days prior to filing, and the petition should be filed in the resident’s county of residence.

The parties must be able to show that irreconcilable differences have caused the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. If the parties can show they have lived “separate and apart” for a continuous period for at least six months prior to the finalization of the divorce, this counts as proof of irreconcilable differences. The parties may continue to live under one roof during this period, so long as they can prove that they are “living apart” from each other during that time.

In the event that the parties separate during the period prior to filing for divorce, the attorneys at Pluymert, MacDonald, Hargrove & Lee can assist in filing for legal separation so that enforceable court orders for support can be entered that enable the couple to live apart until the divorce is finalized. Illinois law also recognizes a faster process for a Simplified Divorce, but this is only available in very limited circumstances.

After the petition for divorce has been finalized, the judge may enter a series of temporary orders to maintain the status quo between the spouses while the divorce process is underway. If any matters are contested – meaning the spouses do not agree on how the issue should be resolved – then they must be resolved through litigation and decided by the judge based on the evidence presented in court. Matters to be decided in an Illinois divorce include:

Help with Illinois Divorce from Dedicated and Experienced Chicagoland Family Law Attorneys

Family law attorney Marc Altenbernt has decades of experience handling divorce in Illinois. The family law practice at Pluymert, MacDonald, Hargrove & Lee provides compassionate, dedicated and knowledgeable advice and representation throughout the Illinois divorce process, making sure your rights and interests are adequately represented and reflected in any final divorce decrees and judgments. For a consultation regarding your divorce in the Chicagoland area, call our offices at 847-310-0025 in Hoffman Estates or 847-298-5030 in Des Plaines.

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